Hazel Godfrey, PhD student in the CANlab publishes an article – Does pain always lead to poorer cognitive performance?

One of our lab members, Hazel Godfrey, has recently published an article in the summer issue of Ngau Mamae: Quarterly Publication of the New Zealand Pain Society. The article outlines the motivated cognition theory, describing an alternate to the ‘deficit only’ view of cognition in pain. Hazel suggests that, rather than impairing cognition, pain directs cognitive resources towards pain-relevant information.

Read the article here:

Godfrey, H.K. (2015). Does pain always lead to poorer cognitive performance? Ngau Mamae: Quarterly Publication of the New Zealand Pain Society, Summer Issue.

Well done Hazel!

Gina explains why we blush

Gina features on Vic’s Ask a Victoria Researcher series.

“Why do we blush? Dr Gina Grimshaw from the School of Psychology and Dr Anne La Flamme from the School of Biological Sciences explain the cause of red cheeks…”

See the youtube video here