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Journal Articles

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Recent Conference Presentations

Grimshaw, G. M., Foster, J. J., Tooley, M. D., Clifton, J., Moody, R., & McDowall, J. (2013, October). Parietal asymmetry predicts emotional Stroop effect in healthy young adults.  Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research, Florence, Italy [web link]

Tooley, M. D., Moody, R., & Grimshaw, G. M. (2012). Neurological and affective vulnerability to depression: A prospective study.  Poster presented at the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Conference, Brisbane, Australia [web link]

Foster, J. J., Carmel., D., & Grimshaw, G. M. (2012). Attentional capture by angry faces depends on the distribution of attention. Poster presented at the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Conference, Brisbane, Australia [web link]